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Booked Bob to Speak Confirmation and Next Steps:

Thank you for booking me to speak at your event. I am delighted to have the opportunity.

Here are the Next Steps:

1. Sign the Agreement.

Please CLICK HERE to download the Speaking Agreement. Kindly fill this out and return it to me.

2. Help Me Learn About You and Your Needs.

A) Fill Out the Pre-Program Questionnaire.

Please CLICK HERE to download the Questionnaire that will help me deliver a great speech for your event. Please email to me.

I want to learn everything about you and your audience and how I can make your event successful. This questionnaire helps me prepare.

B) Schedule Time to Speak.

My process is as follows:

1) Hold one Kickoff Call about 1-2 weeks after we have confirmed booking. The goal is to understand the agenda of the meeting, the audience, your wish list, read through and understand the questionnaire and get the logistics down clearly.

2) Hold Interviews. I like to have 2-3 interviews with colleagues in your organization for 20 minutes so as to better understand their thoughts and ideas and expectations of the event. This is to get a sense of the issues they may be facing, concerns they may have and bring a real world focus into my talk. All conversations are confidential and help me prepare a talk that resonates.

A sample email to colleagues might look like this:

“Dear …., I am writing to request a 20 minute conversation with speaker Bob Miglani, who is scheduled to be our invited speaker for our next event. Bob would like to learn more about our organization and your thoughts on our upcoming event. Kindly provide Bob and his assistant a convenient date and time to speak on the phone. He will be in touch with you directly for scheduling this conversation. Bob is copied on this email. Thank you for your help.”

3) Hold Phone Call #2 after the interviews so that I can start creating a framework and test to see if I’m on the right track.

4) Hold Phone Call #3 about two weeks prior to the event to make sure everything is on track.

C) Send me reading materials

Kindly send me any information that would be helpful in understanding your organization, your business, what your mission is and what you are going through. This can be any links to reports, studies, surveys, videos, agendas you had in the past, or presentations on initiatives or projects.

3. Buying Books/Products.

If you would like to buy my books, kindly buy them from link found here. They will get you the best delivery and price. If you would like to buy signed copies of my book at $10/book or would like me to create a customized “leave-behind” card for your event, I can do that with 2 months advance notice. Kindly email my assistant, Samantha Lerner: or call me directly to discuss: +1.609.436.0778

4. Make a Deposit Payment.

A 50% Deposit is required for all events so that I can hold your date. Upon receipt of the Signed Agreement, we will send you an invoice for the 50% Deposit.

5. Send an NDA if you like to ensure privacy and confidential sharing of information.

Kindly return all documents to us on:

Useful Information and Resources:

Sample Text For Introducing Bob to Your Audience


Bob Miglani is the Bestselling Author of Embrace the Chaos, which is about his journey of learning to move forward in times of change, uncertainty and disruption. He was born in India and moved to the US with his family at the age of 9, with only $75 and a desire to pursue the American dream. Bob grew up serving ice cream cones at his family’s Dairy Queen ice cream shop, which was the subject of his first book, Treat Your Customers.

Bob started his professional career at the bottom – as a sales rep for Pfizer Inc. in New York City. And over the course of 23 years, Bob grew his career at Pfizer Inc. in their corporate headquarters in NYC in senior roles of increasing responsibility dealing with customers, colleagues, external stakeholders and doing innovative work in over 30 countries.

Having experienced massive change and uncertainty in his job and career and turn it around to find success and meaning, Bob now shares his story to help inspire others to help them navigate the chaos to elevate their performance, grow their lives and boost their contribution and value to their workplace.

Bob lives in a small town in New Jersey with his spouse and three young children.

Please join me in welcoming Bob Miglani.


Call or text : +1.609.436.0778 or Email us:
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Thank you and have a GREAT day!

Bob Miglani is an insightful guide to navigating times of change.

Ian Read, CEO, Pfizer Inc