Embrace the Chaos

India Experience – A journey of personal transformation

with Bestselling Author & Personal Change Mentor –Bob Miglani

January 4-11, 2020

Transform Your Life

How India Transformed Me

Bob Miglani

Bestselling Author of Embrace the Chaos & Motivational Speaker, Ex-Corporate Executive, Grew up running the family Dairy Queen, Advisor to CEOs, Leaders on Change & Growth

I was stuck. I felt uncertain, worried and stressed. About my job, my corporate career, about an ever changing life and an unpredictable future.

With so much change at work and in my life, I found myself unable to move forward because every option in front of me looked worse than the other.

As I was slipping down this spiral of anxiety and self doubt, a friend asked me to accompany him on his first trip to India.

To help a friend, I said yes to go to India.

Even though I was born in India (grew up in the US) and been there many times, this trip was different.

And so began my transformation.

India changed me. India will change you.

India is the capital of chaos. With 1.2 Billion people, you can’t help but feel overwhelmed driving on the roads, going to a meeting, shopping for groceries or trying to catch a bus. But in a sea of chaos –somehow things get done. People continue to move forward despite the chaos, living meaningful and happy lives.

What’s their secret? I learned and wrote about this secret in my Washington Post Bestselling Book: They “Embrace the Chaos”. They continue moving forward despite the uncertainty. That’s the nature of life in its essence: To keep the wheel of life always moving forward. Towards achievement of your passion, attaining success, fulfillment and happiness.

India a wonderful classroom for personal transformation and growth. The place has a way to destroy every story you have running in your head revealing to you a truth that you cannot escape. A truth which will set you free.

Free to let go. Free to change. Free of fear. Free to try something new. Free to discover your true self. Free to move forward. To find greater success in your career or business and more meaning and joy in your life.

Program Overview

Based on Bob’s Bestselling Book –Embrace the Chaos


How India Taught Me to Stop Overthinking and Start Living

Published by

India is full of chaos. Yet things get done and people move forward to live a life of meaning, success, contribution and happiness.

During this week long program, we will spend time outdoors and some time indoors. Walking about, learning, meeting people, seeing how people in India -live, love, work and play. And understanding the way we interpret things that happen to us in our own life.

We will spend time in two or three different cities. From seeing the mass chaos in the city of Mumbai to traveling on a quieter road to visit a 3rdgeneration guru in the country side to understanding foods that give us more energy to learning how we can calm our mind to awakening our true self, this program is unlike any other you will ever experience. It is part ‘walk about’ and part ‘talk about’ –balancing time indoors and outdoors –so that we can see, experience, learn, understand, change and grow.

Ultimately, this journey is yours and what Bob does is to help you with your journey of growth and transformation.

If you can embrace the chaos in India –then you can embrace the chaos of your life anywhere!

Rediscover Your Potential

You are the Guru of your own life.

This experience is about you.

It’s about your inner growth and transformation.

Traveling with Bob to India will help you Move Forward by:

  • De-stressing from the hyper digital world of work and life back home
  • Gaining new perspectives and tools to help you change and grow
  • Learning how to reinvent yourself
  • Understanding how 1.2 Billion people find success and happiness in chaos
  • Breaking negative patterns
  • Calming your mind –being mindful in the everyday chaos
  • Getting clear about your interests, passion, purpose and goals
  • Engaging curiouslyabout new opportunities
  • Letting go of the notion of control and perfection
  • Empowering yourself to begin a renewed life of purpose and action

Rediscover Your Potential

This experience is about you.

It’s about your inner growth and transformation that helps you achieve success in your work, deeper connection with others adding more success, meaning and fulfillment in your life.

Traveling with Bob to India is a growth experience that will help you:

  • De-stress from the hyper digital world of work and life back home

  • Gain new perspective and clarity about your life

  • Learn how to eat healthier unlocking more energy from nature and plant based foods

  • Understand how a rising economy like India works –how people work, conduct business, have relationships, get married and live their life

  • Develop an understanding of how to break down the obstacle you are facing so that you can move forward

  • Learn how to calm your mind from overthinking

  • Discover your strength hiding inside

  • Empower yourself to begin a renewed life of purpose and passion

Your Mentor for this Journey

I am not a tour guide.

I am an inner guide. Helping your inner journey of growth and transformation.

I help you get unstuck and move forward to find success and meaning in your life using India’s chaos as a classroom.

I was born in India and moved to the U.S. at the age of 9 with my family and $75 in our pocket and a desire to pursue the American dream. Growing up I delivered newspapers, mowed lawns and helped my family run our Dairy Queen store in New Jersey.

I worked in corporate America for Pfizer Inc. in NYC for 23 years in many different roles and left in 2016 to pursue a different path.

I have been to India many times and have taken business people including CEOs, entrepreneurs and friends throughout the country.

I work and live outside of Princeton, NJ writing books, doing motivational speaking and advising leaders and companies on Change & Transformation.

My Books


How India Taught Me to Stop
Overthinking and Start Living

Published by


30 Lessons on Service and Sales I Learned at My Family’s Dairy Queen Store

Published by Hyperion Books

“Bob introduced me to India taking me there a number of times. I learned so much. Met incredible people. Had amazing experiences that have changed my life for the better. Bob is an incredible person who helped in my journey not only to India but in my life.” –Name of Person

Your Hero’s Journey Begins Now

Joseph Campbell , an American Psychologist and researcher who studied long lost cultures from around the world, discovered a common pattern among the hero myths from these cultures. He put forward ”The Hero’s Journey” which captured the stages of personal change of the hero archetype.

From George Lucas who created Star Wars to the Wachowski Brothers who created the Matrix series –Campbell’s work has influenced so many great stories of reinvention, transformation and change seen in central characters in movies and books.

For me, the Hero’s Journey is a process of personal transformation that begins by saying YES to an invitation to Travel outside of your comfort zone.

If we want to transform and become better at our own journey in life, we must heed the call to adventure.

This is a Transformational Travel experience.

India Itinerary

Bob will curate a trip for the group based on people’s backgrounds ensuring an optimal experience.

You will spend some time walking about meeting people, doing experiences and some time indoors learning, talking with each other and hearing from Bob about his journey and the lessons he learned.

Bob will also spend individual time with each person listening to them and sharing insights and perspectives that will help them individually.

Selection Process

  • 1.Apply here
  • 2.Bob will call you to chat
  • 3.Bob will review all applicants selecting only 15 people
  • 4.You’ll get notified of your acceptance and a pre-trip packet
  • 5.You go to India!

Bob Miglani is an insightful guide to navigating times of change.

Ian Read, CEO, Pfizer Inc