Bob Miglani - Keynote Speaker on Change Management

Change, uncertainty and disruption are what most of us struggle with today. Business is tougher, more competitive and unpredictable than ever. We can’t hide from uncertainty, change and disruption. If we want to succeed in our work and live a full life, we must learn to embrace it.

Bob Miglani is a keynote speaker specializing in adapting to change in the workplace who talks about learning to embrace change, uncertainty and disruption to achieve success and meaning in business and in our life.



Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker.

Bob Miglani is a Bestselling Author and Speaker who helps people embrace and adapt to change and disruption for personal and business growth. With 23 years of real world experience at one of the largest companies in the world – Pfizer Inc., Bob is a credible, fun, relatable and effective motivational speaker.

Bob started his professional career as a Sales Rep for Pfizer in New York City, one of the most competitive places in the world, where he turned around a sales territory making it #1. Bob moved up the career ladder starting at the bottom and working his way up to being a successful executive creating new functions and opportunities, leading teams and working with customers and colleagues in over 30 countries.

Having experienced massive change and uncertainty in his job and career and turn it around to find success and meaning, Bob is a credible speaker who connects with his audience and helps inspire them to not run away from change but to embrace it.

From running his family’s Dairy Queen store when he was growing up to advising CEOs in times of change and disruption, Bob connects with people from all walks of life.

Born in poverty in India and growing up in a small town in the U.S., Bob learned the value of hard work by mowing lawns, delivering newspapers and running his family’s Dairy Queen store, the subject of his first book Treat Your Customers. Bob is an inspiring, informative, experienced and entertaining speaker who shares powerful lessons to help people embrace and adapt to change in their jobs and lives.

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Fun. Credible. On Message.


Inspired thousands of people – from sales leaders to professional associations to Boards to franchisees to nurses and corporate executives


Clear and compelling message


Professional speaker who can handle global and diverse crowds


Credible. Paperboy, ran the family Dairy Queen store, Successful career at Pfizer Inc., Bestselling Author, Thought Leader


Wrote the book on personal change – it’s called “Embrace the Chaos”


Fun, humorous storyteller who inspires audiences to move forward

Bob’s Speaking


Embracing Change


How to Grow and Thrive in Change


Adapting to Change in the Workplace


Leading Through Change & Disruption

Loved By Clients

“Bob Miglani is one of the best speakers on embracing change and uncertainty in the workplace”

-Jaime Aranda, Pfizer Inc.

“Bob’s speech to our sales leaders on finding clarity in times of change was awesome. What a terrific speaker!”

-Dan Lyons, Tegna Media

“Bob was an excellent speaker on embracing change. Using examples from his own career in corporate America along with stories from his adventures in India, his parable-like lessons helped inspire us to view change not as a problem but as an opportunity. What a terrific speaker!”

-Roseann Burhenne, Flextronics Inc.

“Adapting to Change was a topic for our Board of Directors retreat and Bob’s keynote on the topic was very well received. He did a great job at providing us with insights and strategies on how leaders can adapt to change for success and growth. Bob is an excellent speaker.”

-Patricia Bourne, CEO, EQUS

“Bob is an incredibly inspiring speaker on embracing change in the workplace!”

-Craig Weinstein, TIAA-CREF

“If your organization is going through change, you need to call Bob Miglani right now.”

-John Werner, President, IIBA

Loved by Audiences

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With a jolt, Bob forces us to rethink our lives and transform ourselves.

-Deepak Ahuja, CFO, Tesla

'Embrace the Chaos' is not just a mantra for management, it's a mantra for life!"

-Dr. John Connolly, President & CEO Castle Connolly Medical

My Books


How India Taught Me to Stop Overthinking and Start Living

Published by


30 Lessons on Service and Sales I Learned at My Family’s Dairy Queen Store

Published by Hyperion Books

Bob Miglani is an insightful guide to navigating times of change.

Ian Read, CEO, Pfizer Inc