The world has changed.
Your organization is trying to adapt.
Your people are stuck.

We design and deliver change workshop experiences that help people and organizations get unstuck and move forward.

Helping People:

  • Feel better about uncertainty
  • To be more open to new ways of working and thinking
  • Regulate their own anxiety and emotions
  • Owning it & having personal responsibility
  • Taking action to move forward

Our approach is to design change workshops that focus on the Human Experience and how we experience the world as whole people -through our intellect, subconscious, emotions and body.

In order to move forward, we need to align our whole person with the change

Because we believe that people don’t change because they’re told to do so.

People change because they make a CHOICE mostly based on emotion and feelings, not logic and reason.

Embrace the Chaos
Workshop Experience

-Dr. Michelle Murray, CEO/President, NEXUS

It was wonderful to work with Bob. Not only was he a lively, engaging and a wonderful speaker facilitator in how he managed the messages around change, but his style of engagement prior to and in preparation of the engagement was unparalleled.

Bob did such a great job connecting with the organization as part of his preparation, that in the end, he was truly speaking to us about the things we needed, making the experience very personal.

Bob also did a great job with follow-up to ensure learning transfer.

Bob was so easy to work with, very well organized and highly skilled. His slides were great and his stories meaningful.

Staff were very well engaged and we received a lot of great feedback from our employees about the positive impact Bob made. It was an honor to have Bob be a part of our organizational change journey.

How We Work With You

We Help People Embrace Change Through the Human Experience of…

Self-Discovery &

  •   Understand your goals, problems and needs
  •   Understand your people
  •   Understand your culture and vision of what you’re trying to build and how you’re trying to grow
  •   Pre-Workshop Interviews with 5 colleagues
  •   Design customized framework + materials for workshop
  •   Share framework with you to ensure alignment and fit
  •   Lead change workshop experience + Detailed Workbook + Personal Action Plan
  •   30-day follow up after workshop with 5 participants to see if they’ve implemented change
  •   Report back any additional interventions that might be needed
  •   Gain feedback to serve you better

Bob Miglani is an insightful guide to navigating times of change.

Ian Read, CEO, Pfizer Inc